Sexy No. 6 - Forest Spice Beard Softening Oil

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Beard Softening Oil - 1oz

If you could bottle a scruff softening beard oil, that works as an anti ageing facial serum, and also has an intensely sexy scent, what would you call it?

Sexy No. 6 Forest Spice Beard Softening Oil.

Hair Nourishing and Conditioning - Argan, Jojoba, and Hazelnut Oils fatty acids smooth hair and help retain moisture
Skin Nourishing and Protection - Algae Extract, Aloe and Meadowfoam create an anti-aging facial serum that moisturizes and reduces inflammation. Rosehip and Hemp Seed Oils balance facial oil production to limit breakouts, and add protective antioxidants to prevent cell damage
Scent - Woodland spice blend of Black Pepper, Blue Cypress, Cedarwood, & Sandalwood

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