What the buck do you do when you can’t find skincare that’s natural AND smells insanely good? You buck up and make your own!

We took life by the antlers and set out to make Young Buck Skin. Named after the wild spirit of white tailed deer that roam the beauty of nature in North America, we married our love of natural skin and body products to an easy to use line for men that contains all natural ingredients and scent blends. We created men’s care that is formulated to be sexy, not synthetic, and to help encourage natural rituals that smell great…not fake.

After months of researching essential oils that are beneficial to the skin but also mood enhancers (think aphrodisiac qualities to guarantee a fun time) we met with one of the top experts in essential oil blending to create our signature scents.

Enter Fresh No. 4, Sexy No. 6 and Rugged No. 9. Each scent corresponds with the scent number assigned by our lab. We found ourselves saying things like “number 6 smells incredibly sexy!” and “number 4 smells so fresh and clean”… thus the scents were named.

Our products are bucking great they include everyday essentials for the top buck including Body Wash, Beard Softening Oil, Facial Lotion and Skin Smoothing Balm. They’re all natural, smell amazing, and are hydrating but not greasy or pore clogging. We use organic ingredients and sustainable packaging wherever possible.

Welcome to our herd, but be prepared…you’ll stand out.